Accepted Papers

Yassine Lemmou and El Mamoun Souidi
Inside GandCrab Ransomware

Zhen Liu, Yanbin Pan and Tianyuan Xie
Breaking the Hardness Assumption and IND-CPA Security of HQC Submitted to NIST PQC Project

Masahito Ishizaka and Kanta Matsuura
Identity-Based Encryption Resilient to Auxiliary Leakage under the Decisional Linear Assumption

Stephan Krenn, Henrich C. Pöhls, Kai Samelin and Daniel Slamanig
Protean Signature Schemes

Paolo Santini, Marco Baldi and Franco Chiaraluce
Assessing and countering reaction attacks against post-quantum public-key cryptosystems based on QC-LDPC codes

Kamalesh Acharya and Ratna Dutta
Constructions of Secure Multi-channel Broadcast Encryption Schemes in Public Key Framework

Bart Mennink
The Relation Between CENC and NEMO

Michael Denzel and Mark Ryan
Malware Tolerant (Mesh-)Networks

Momonari Kudo, Yuki Yokota, Yasushi Takahashi and Masaya Yasuda
Acceleration of Index Calculus for Solving ECDLP over Prime Fields and Its Limitation

Yusuke Naito
On the Efficiency of ZMAC-Type Modes

Daniel Gardham, Constantin Catalin Dragan and Mark Manulis
Hierarchical Attribute-based Signatures

Liran Orevi, Amir Herzberg and Haim Zlatokrilov
DNS-DNS: DNS-based De-NAT Scheme

Varsha Bhat and Sudarshan Iyengar
Computing Betweenness Centrality: An Efficient Privacy-Preserving Approach

François Gérard and Keno Merckx
SETLA: Signature and Encryption from Lattices

Yuki Funabiki, Yosuke Todo, Takanori Isobe and Masakatu Morii
Several MILP-Aided Attacks against SNOW 2.0

Huy Quoc Le, Pradeep Kumar Mishra, Dung Hoang Duong and Masaya Yasuda
Solving LWR using BDD Strategy: Modulus Switching Approach

Johannes Blömer, Fabian Eidens and Jakob Juhnke
Enhanced Security of Attribute-Based Signatures

Emanuele Bellini, Florian Caullery, Alexandros Hasikos, Marcos Manzano and Victor Mateu
Code-based signature schemes from identification protocols in the rank metric

Elena Pagnin, Carlo Brunetta and Pablo Picazo-Sanchez
HIKE: Walking the Privacy Trail

Hao Wu, Hsu-Chun Hsiao, Daniele E. Asoni, Simon Scherrer, Adrian Perrig and Yih-Chun Hu
CLEF: Limiting the Damage Caused by Large Flows in the Internet Core

Donald Nokam Kuate, Sébastien Canard and Renaud Sirdey
Towards video compression in the encrypted domain: a case-study on the H264 and HEVC macroblock processing pipeline

Kimmo Järvinen, Ágnes Kiss, Thomas Schneider, Oleksandr Tkachenko and Zheng Yang
Faster Privacy-Preserving Location Proximity Schemes

Javier Herranz and Germán Sáez
Secret Sharing Schemes for (k,n)-Consecutive Access Structures

Răzvan Roşie
Adaptive-Secure VRFs with Shorter Keys from Static Assumptions

Koray Karabina and Angela Robinson
Extending a Framework for Biometric Visual Cryptography