Job opportunities


The companies DarkMatter and Nucypher are looking for talents. If you are interested in working with them, you can request an interview and a chat at CANS 2018, see contact emails below.



DarkMatter is the first fully integrated digital defence and cybersecurity consultancy and implementation firm in the Middle East.

At DarkMatter, you’ll do more than offer strategic advice to clients. You’ll have the opportunity to develop secure products for them too. KATIM Phone is the first of many products that fulfil DarkMatter's promise of end-to-end cyber security solutions. Built to address the prevalence of security breaches via mobile devices, KATIM was developed by DarkMatter in just 12 months, showcasing a working method that brings new ideas to market at speed.

DarkMatter is seeking for talents in the following domains. Contact: please email emanuele.bellini (at) to request a meeting at the conference.



Homomorphic Encryption Researcher

NuCypher is a data privacy layer for blockchain, decentralized applications, and other distributed systems. We're back by Y Combinator, Polychain Capital, and many other leading investors.

We're looking for a scientist with expertise in fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) to assist with our research efforts on performance improvements and potential applications for smart contracts. Familiarity with related technologies like proxy re-encryption (PRE) and multi-party computation (MPC) is helpful.

Ideally, candidates have an understanding of the surrounding issues and problems and have an interest in identifying potential solutions. Due to the unproven and highly theoretical nature of these schemes, candidates should be willing to pivot research when practical solutions cannot be found. Qualified candidates are likely (but not required) to have a PhD or similarly extensive experience in cryptography.

Contact: Please email careers (at) with your CV and any previous research/publications you're able to share.